Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course Payment Three


This online Master Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course will equip you with all of the vital skills needed to not only teach this beautiful practice to others, but to keep them coming back.



As soon as we receive your order, you will receive a confirmation email and you can simply continue your learning and enjoy weekly teacher support 1-1. Your email will contain links to all resources again to keep things easy, including:

  • Complete Yoga Nidra Manual
  • Yoga Nidra Taskbook
  • Specialist Vocal Coaching to develop your Yoga Nidra Voice
  • Exclusive access to Yoga Nidra Resources Library of ready to practice carefully constructed scripts
  • Access to Webinars and Masterclasses (including key skills, 3 part Script Writing and much more)
  • Access to the private Facebook group of Yoga Nidra students all over the world to share experiences


  • Non-refundable – try our free trial if you haven’t already
  • 1-1 Personal Weekly Mentoring & Feedback
  • Marketing masterclasses on getting and keeping your students coming back (tried and tested!)
  • This will be your last and final payment and even if you need more time to complete the course, that’s fine for us, we are supportive. You will always have lifetime access to learning and online resources.

Let’s begin your exciting new journey, we’d love to support you!