How long does the Yoga Nidra course take to complete?

It takes three months to complete the Master Yoga Nidra Course. The course is 120 hours in total. If you were to start now, you could be a certified teacher three months from now.

Can I split my payments?

Yes. To makes things easier you can split your payments each month so instead of £399 in one go you can pay £133 per month. If you prefer this option, simply email us and let us know at and you can get started on your journey.

How much of the course is theory and practice?

80% of the course is practice, and 20% is theory. Your daily practices and skill development are what help you to become that world class yoga nidra teacher. You will receive tailored advise to help you develop deeper each week, so that by the time you have completed the course, you are able to support your students more fully.

Are there any exams?

No. No exams to worry about, just ongoing 1-1 supportive learning throughout. You can’t do it wrong. The weekly supportive feedback and advise helps to deepen your practice and experience. This is mental training and we do not all learn the same way. Hence why group training in this type of practice isn’t always helpful. You also get 1-1 vocal coaching in developing your unique yoga nidra voice. Our support never stops, you always have access to us and our ever growing resource library.

Will I have time to fit it in?

This course is easy to fit in around your day. You read in your own time and practice a few times a week. They are short to begin and get longer towards the end as you deepen your relaxation. 

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, if you complete the course, you will receive a certificate from The Yoga Nidra Academy. This will enable you to teach and get insurance for your practice.

Will it help me earn an income?

Demand for relaxation and stress release is growing worldwide. The in-depth and high quality training that you go through with us, will enable you to not only teach, but give you skills that your students will love, and keep them coming back. If you are already helping people to relax and be healthier, this will be a great addition. No Yoga Nidra voice can be imitated, but the voice is incredibly important in relaxing students and keep them returning. That’s why we include specialist vocal training and support in our training.

Will there be any face to face contact?

I wish that I could see you all face to face, over the three months, however, this is mental training and it takes time for you to practice, focus and gradually deepen your experience. Unlike other face to face shorter courses I’m with you every week supporting you through this process. You’ll see me in all of the teleclasses that accompany this course and we can connect on email or Whatsapp. Our students say they love the 1-1 support they get from this course.

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