Course Syllabus

What is included

– Weekly Yoga Nidra Practice from traditional to modern styles

– One to One weekly support to help you evidence key skills

– One to One vocal coaching to help you develop an effective, quality voice

– Easy and comprehensive training manual and workbook

– Yoga Nidra Script Writing Course (3 Part Series)

– Marketing advise

– Lifetime access to masterclasses on key skills for Yoga Nidra

– Master Yoga Nidra Certificate upon completion

The course also requires the purchase of affordable recommended reading and a few Yoga Nidra practices.


1 – 8

Theory, key skills and weekly practice

Master key skills that are vital for practising Yoga Nidra properly such as stillness, letting go, maintaining focus and much more. Practice from short meditations to long Yoga Nidra practices whilst exploring ancient traditional styles through to modern practices, whilst improving and deepening your practice with 1-1 weekly feedback. Recommended reading and course materials, including masterclasses, will give a deeper insight to the skills you master during these weeks.


9 – 12

Vocal coaching and practice

With 1-1 support from a vocal coach, you will get support to develop your yoga nidra voice. A relaxing voice is not only vital to evoke the feeling of relaxation for your future students, but it’s often the reason many struggle to relax or often don’t come back to a class. We work with you to support you giving you lots of support to tweak a range of assets in your natural voice so that you leave the course fully confident and prepared to teach Yoga Nidra.

Lifetime access

Resources library

Not only will you receive lifetime access to the resources that are ever growing in this resource library, but you will also find a yoga nidra script writing course, marketing support to help you promote this practice and much more. Great for whenever you have a little break, need to get yout motivation back or just want to brush up on your skills.

1-1 mentoring and detailed feedback throughout the course

It’s such a well-rounded course where Melissa first guides you to deepen your Yoga Nidra practice and then step by step to leading practice. It doesn‘t feel like a shared group course, Melissa guides you personally throughout with personalized tips & the Masterclasses are incredibly helpful. It feels like 1:1 training. The work we did not only helped me to deepen my own practice but massively helped with my confidence in teaching Yoga Nidra. I would recommend this Yoga Nidra course to anyone who wants to get a deeper understanding of this practice and one day teach Yoga Nidra. 

Melissa is a great Yoga Nidra guide and teacher and her passion and knowledge about it makes this course unique.

Kristina Zink, Maldives

Until I undertook yoga teacher training I knew very little about the magic of Yoga Nidra, my understanding was that it was pretty much a long savasana. How wrong was I! Melissa’s passion to impart knowledge and guidance is infectious, I can’t wait to take what I’ve learnt in to my classes. The content material is clear and concise and has been developed in a way that supports your journey through consistent daily practice. I have felt supported throughout, if you are looking for an online course that allows you to explore the art of yoga nidra at your own pace with a wealth of resource and support

I couldn’t recommend the Yoga Nidra Academy enough.

Kelly Darlington, London

Having experienced the benefits of Yoga Nidra in my own life, I really wanted to deepen and be able to share my practice. Knowing I have an oasis of calm to look forward to each day in which to re-energise and recuperate has been invaluable – especially in these testing times. This course has strengthened and developed my practice day by day. I feel supported by being part of an online community and by receiving detailed, personal feedback from Mel each week. My sleep, energy levels and creativity have all benefitted and I am learning a valuable skill to share with others. If you are looking for a detailed, supportive course and want to feel part of a growing community, I wholeheartedly recommend this course!

Julie Francis, London

I heard about yoga nidra during my yoga teacher training and felt I needed a gentler and more meditative yoga to relax my body which was tense and relieve myself from insomnia. After practising alone with audios on u tube on a daily basis for several months, I started feeling the benefits of yoga nidra on my body and mind and l was very excited when I found the yoga Nidra Academy Course to deepen my practice and learn to teach it to my students.

I found the diversity of tracks and the regular feedback given by the teacher very useful. I learnt to listen to my body by increasing awareness and to surrender to the present moment.

I would definitely recommend this course because of its added value and useful resources.

Rachel Grobli, Belgium

After finishing my 200 hours intensive teacher training, I was looking for further training to expand my knowledge and yoga nidra had so many benefits it was the perfect fit. Melissa was very knowledgeable and offered a wealth of resources during the 4 month course. I started the course during lockdown so I was able to fully commit and immerse myself into daily practice.  This instantly allowed me to access the many benefits of yoga nidra personally.  My anxiety reduced, energy levels increased, lowered stress levels and generally felt safe and focused. Each week was a new practice so this kept it fresh and exciting. I fell ill during the course and Mellissa was very relaxed about giving me some time out to rest and always responded quickly.

Katie Keltie, Cheshire

As a yin yoga teacher, I was looking for ways for my students to let go & turn inward even more. Yoga Nidra was an obvious choice. I am so happy to have found this beautiful course and to be part of it. The daily yoga nidra practices are amazing, helpful & transforming. The course & Masterclasses helped me to guide my students into deep relaxation & transformation, but has also had a profound effect on my own life & perspective. The daily practices start short & get longer. With a full time job, I stuck to my practice and scheduled a daily block to practice without being interrupted. Whenever I struggled (and I did sometimes), Mel supported me and gave me advice. I would certainly recommend this course: Mel is a very dedicated & knowledgeable teacher & I love the content and support she offers.

Marieke Smits, Amsterdam

Much like a well designed Yoga Nidra class, Melissa has thoughtfully curated her Yoga Nidra Teacher Training to guide participants through ever deepening layers of learning. It begins with deepening your own practice through daily meditation. Each week a new teacher and a new practice is introduced. Throughout the course you are exposed to a wide variety of teachers and practice styles which are great for finding techniques that work for yourself and provide inspiration for creating Yoga Nidra classes of your own. Melissa offers weekly feedback and support to help deepen your practice so that you might know experientially the wonders of Yoga Nidra and that which you will one day share with your own students. This course allowed me to experience a profound state of relaxation and a sense of connection that I had not experienced in any prior Yoga Nidra session. It is truly a beautiful practice and one that works!

In the final stages of the course you will begin to develop your voice for guiding your own students through the Yoga Nidra journey. Melissa has many great resources and provides excellent feedback for refining your voice so that it can be used as a powerful tool for gaining the trust of your students and helping them to relax into the sweetness of the practice.

 I would highly recommend The Yoga Nidra Academy for your Teacher Training!

Melanie Ringer, Australia