It takes more than theory & practicing Yoga Nidra, to make a great teacher, I’ll support you all the way.




Hi, I’m Melissa Makan, Founder of The Yoga Nidra Academy.

Yoga Nidra has been part of my life for so many years now. I could never have imagined the profound effect it would have on me, from releasing tension, feeling calm and centred, finding balance and enhancing total awareness.

And that’s just a few of the benefits.  

 On completion of my own training, I began delivering yoga nidra classes. My clients were stressed, working in high-pressure jobs and often feeling overwhelmed in their personal lives. I helped nurses, police, cancer survivors, parents, parents to be, social workers, emergency staff as well as corporate workers and anyone else who struggled with anxiety. After feeling the benefits the way I first did, they brought their sons, daughters, family and friends.

I watched these people transform their lives, as I did.  It felt like my calling.  

I’d often be told after class:

“Oh I could just bottle your voice”

“How do you make yourself sound that way?”, “I can’t always relax to some voices but yours helps me to let go as soon as you start talking”

“I could use a recording of your voice at work to keep me calm!”.

My passion for teaching was high, but my passion for spreading the word and sharing quality skills with aspiring teachers was even greater. With this in mind, I spent several months putting together all the skills, learning and experience I had amassed over all my years of experience and bottled it together for what I believe is a premium, value-packed course that will prepare you for the way ahead. Sure, the Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course that I did (despite being Yoga Alliance Accredited) was good, but in reality, I needed so many more skills to be a great Yoga Nidra teacher, skills that kept my class coming back week after week – the same skills I’m about to teach you. What you’re about to learn are the fundamentals that can either make you or break you as a yoga nidra teacher.

“My mission is to create World Class Yoga Nidra Teachers because I care deeply about not only getting more Yoga Nidra teachers out there to make a real difference to people’s lives, but to do it at a high quality standard.”

Melissa X

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Until I undertook yoga teacher training I knew very little about the magic of Yoga Nidra, my understanding was that it was pretty much a long savasana. How wrong was I! Melissa’s passion to impart knowledge and guidance is infectious, I can’t wait to take what I’ve learnt in to my classes. The content material is clear and concise and has been developed in a way that supports your journey through consistent daily practice. I have felt supported throughout, if you are looking for an online course that allows you to explore the art of yoga nidra at your own pace with a wealth of resource and support

I couldn’t recommend the Yoga Nidra Academy enough.

Kelly Darlington, London

I heard about yoga nidra during my yoga teacher training and felt I needed a gentler and more meditative yoga to relax my body which was tense and relieve myself from insomnia. After practising alone with audios on u tube on a daily basis for several months, I started feeling the benefits of yoga nidra on my body and mind and l was very excited when I found the yoga Nidra Academy Course to deepen my practice and learn to teach it to my students.

I found the diversity of tracks and the regular feedback given by the teacher very useful. I learnt to listen to my body by increasing awareness and to surrender to the present moment.

I would definitely recommend this course because of its added value and useful resources.

Rachel Grobli, Belgium